Co-Owner, Head Coach

I started so far away from where I am now, but I think thats just a testament to what incorporating CrossFit into your life can do for you.

I played a lot of sports in school. I was always pretty average, but my small size kept me from really excelling at sports like Football. After high school I got into rock climbing and actually got very well known in the sport. I began getting sponsors and really started to make a name for myself. One Christmas, my lovely wife Amanda gave me a month pass to Kingman CrossFit. I was very scared that CrossFit would hurt my climbing abilities, but knew I could use the cross training. After I finished my first workout, I knew I was hooked….




Co-Owner, Coach, Nutrition Coach

I grew up basically in the middle of nowhere, and I never really did anything athletic. I was very active outside because there wasn’t much else to do, and I was also taught by my parents to ALWAYS work hard, which I think has translated well into my CrossFit career.

I was super skeptical about starting CrossFit, but I had seen it around on social media and I just knew it was something I had to do. I stepped into the gym one day to try out a free class, and I have never looked back. Every single day was exciting for me, and it still is. I fell in love with seeing my progress in the gym, feeling more confident about myself, and finally finding my “family”. There is something about being strong, mentally and physically, that has drastically improved my life, my marriage, and really all of my relationships. Competing in CrossFit eventually led me down my Nutrition coaching path, as I learned in order to keep progressing, I would need to cover all of my bases. In 2017 I hired a nutrition coach, I dove in 110% and learned it was something I loved, which led to getting certified as a nutrition coach myself so that I could pass on my knowledge and experience and help others change their lives the same way a coach changed mine…




Co-Owner, Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach

I am a mom, a coach, a small business owner and CrossFit truly has changed my life. I was not very athletic growing up. I took dance classes (ballet & jazz) and was on the high school dance team. After College I started running, doing yoga, and Zumba. When my girlfriend first suggested I try CrossFit I never thought it was something I would get into…flash forward a couple of years and I had fallen in love with the sport. I went from not being able to lift a barbell or do a pull up to now being able to deadlift 275lbs and do multiple strict pull ups in a workout. In addition to seeing a drastic improvement in my overall health and fitness capacity and I have gained the support of an amazing group of people in our Kingman CrossFit community..




Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach

Growing up I was not really into any of the main stream sports, I was a dancer. I did jazz, ballet, tap and modern dance. When I went to middle school I became a cheerleader and loved the aspect of building friendships, cheering our team on and also competing. I enjoyed it so much that when I went to high school I joined an all-star competitive team and did that for four more years where I also became a coach for our younger teams. During this time I also went to school full-time, worked at a tutoring company, a gymnastics traveling gym and babysitting at a local jazzercise gym. My mom always instilled in me that you have to earn things in life and work hard for them and so that is what I did. Fast-forward and now I am a mom of two, married and in a great place that offers the same things that I had been searching for since I was younger; a place to make friends, cheer people on and have some fun competition between friends. I have CrossFit to thank for my health emotionally and mentally. It not only helped me in getting stronger, but it helped me through both of my pregnancies as well. That is why when I was asked to become a CrossFit Kids Coach and Level 1 Coach I had to jump at the opportunity and I am so happy I did! With CrossFit you can always set new goals and improve something and I believe that I am always working to better those around me and myself in some shape or form….




Coach, Camp Coach

I grew up playing sports. I loved football and baseball and was successful in High School. My best friend and his dad introduced me to weight lifting my 8th grade summer and I loved it. I found out then, that even though I was small in High School, I was gifted with strength.

I competed in power lifting and body building in college and have always had a passion for working out. I enjoy coaching and was blessed to coach High School football for 13 years and was a head coach for 5, with one State Runner up title. I also coached softball and baseball for 5 years…..





Played soccer, football, and ran track. Also competed in powerlifting competitions. Won a couple state competitions for powerlifting back in the day.

I was a young kid that got picked on because I couldn’t spell, read, or write. Not much has changed since then. I started to workout so people would stop picking on me. Once I did that I realized I was pretty strong and enjoyed working out, then even started competing in powerlifting.

I would like to help my athletes see that working out can be fun and enjoyable…..





I grew up in Kingman but lived in Johnstown, Colorado for a while. I recently moved back to Kingman with my two daughters and am excited to be a part of an another amazing CrossFit community.




Nutrition Coach

I’ve struggled with weight and my relationship with food for as long as I can remember. I cannot even tell you everything I tried to lose weight. But like a lot of people, nothing worked for me. A lot of years and a lot of money wasted trying to get healthy with no long-term success. It was not until I started CrossFit that things started to change for me.