It's hard to pick just one reason I love Kingman CrossFit with the friends I've made and the milestones I've been able to hit, but since joining the gym I've lost around 30 pounds. I haven't lost weight since my early teens, and I honestly feel the healthiest and strongest I have ever felt thanks to this gym!
Andrew G
Kingman, AZ
I like the challenge of CrossFit training even though I find it difficult on some days. I always feel better mentally and physically after a workout.
Robin M
Coach Dave and Coach Blake have always been supportive and encouraging. Both of them push me to be the best version of myself, instilling confidence in me that for a long time was lacking.
Tiffany G
This gym has allowed me to be more confident in my body and what it can do. It has also allowed me to build friendships that transcend the gym.
My biggest reason for coming to CrossFit was my health. The reason I have stayed is because of the people. The members and coaches at Kingman CrossFit are so encouraging and just plain quality people. It truly is a family and I do feel like I belong. For me that is truthfully kind of odd, I am usually the person who is alone in a group.
CrossFit programming simplified my workout routines, knowing that if I just show up everything else fall in line and I can say I’m finally addicted to the gym again. You don’t get a personal training session every workout anywhere else. Coaches are always pushing you to be better
Bobby R
I have met some absolutely amazing people who I have so much in common with. I have found people who are interested in CrossFit, good nutrition and having fun at the same time. This is the tribe I have been looking for since I moved to Kingman!
Carol L
After joining Kingman CrossFit I feel more comfortable in my body. That’s something I've been wanting for a while now and I found it with the help of CrossFit!
Camron E.
Preparing to climb Mount Rainer! It’s been the highlight of 2021 for me. I was in the gym almost every day pushing myself mentally and physically to get ready to summit, definitely the strongest I have ever felt.
Britt H
After having kids and a surgery I was determined to put my health and fitness back at the top of my priorities. The coaches and members turned friends are the reason I see the success I have today! It is one big family at KCF!
Amanda A.
My girl, Amber Crabtree, has been part of the gym for over 3 years and she finally got me to start doing it! Now I know why she has been doing it for so long. Unlike the other gyms where you have to figure out how and what to do, at Kingman CrossFit the coaches do that for me!
Brad W.
I never knew it was possible to change the physique of my body, but with the help of my nutrition coach and the coaches at Kingman CrossFit it's possible. Thank you I appreciate you all.
Cotton K
I am stronger at 45 and post-shoulder surgery than I have ever been. I love the community here and how other members push me to want to be better and stronger.
I feel stronger and have more energy. Overall I'm happier and can do things now do that I could not before. I can even get out of a car without my back hurting!
A nutrition coach offers far more than guidance to choosing healthier choices. Having a nutrition coach helped me grow emotionally, mentally, and physically! I am stronger and more determined than ever to achieve the health and body I want, and in time I will succeed!
Carrie S
Going to the gym is very important to how I function in my overall environment & life in general. Working out makes me a happier & calmer person.
Robin M.
I have found the best results are achieved when you have a coach who focuses on you as an individual, your experience working out, strengths and weaknesses; and then challenges you to do the best you can to improve each time you're at the gym.
Bob M.
I can see improvement in my strength and endurance, however what I am most impressed with are the coaches, they are amazing and very aware of every persons’ capabilities in the gym and how to help them individually meet their goals
Ashley G.
I have a community that has supported me on not only meeting my fitness goals but also setting new ones!
Christine E.
My favorite thing about Kingman CrossFit is the community. We’re all so different but so much alike, and I love that many of us come together through the week. Our community continues to encourage everyone, whether it’s by cheering them on or just by being that other person in the class so they’re not alone.

What I’m most proud of since joining is being able to continue doing CrossFit through my whole pregnancy and get back at it like I have. It can be hard some days to juggle having a baby, a toddler, a husband, and a full-time job. I made up my mind I didn’t want to quit and wanted to have a great birth and postpartum. Staying active has helped me physically and mentally as well. It’s also been super amazing to have my oldest see me workout because now he wants to do it too. It makes me proud to be a good role model for him.

I like being able to just show up (most the time half asleep still) and Coach Chris being able to tell me what to do, how to warm up, and what not to do (also very important haha). I’m excited that I’m getting stronger and faster. I recently improved my mile in a WOD from 9:50 (pre-pregnancy #2) to 8:16, setting a new PR, so something is definitely working.
Deshae F.
CrossFit has pushed me mentally and physically. I have achieved goals I never thought possible. The best part is meeting new friends who have become like family.
Brittney J.
Kingman CrossFit has had a huge impact on my ability to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. After what seemed like a slow start, my endurance and ability to tackle any hiking trail has greatly improved.
Tony C.