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Fri,Feb 22,2019 at 5:30pm CrossFit Open 19.1

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Saturday Jan 13,2018

Skill,Warm Up: 1/13/18 Warm Up and SkillCardio: 1/13/18 WOD

1/13/18 Warm Up and Skill

Skill,Warm Up: No Results Tracked
Line Drills:  
Walking Quad Stretch
Walking Knee to Chest
Walking Solider Kicks
Walking Figure 4 Stretch
Bear Crawl
Straight Leg Bear Crawl

DB Warm Up (light)
5 DB Deadlifts
5 DB Front Squats
5 DB Presses
5 DB Reverse Lunges/Leg
5 DB Presses
5 DB Front Squats
5 DB Deadlifts

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