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Wednesday Feb 21,2018

Skill,Warm Up: 2/21/18 Warm Up and SkillSkill: 2/21/18 PrimerStrength: 2/21/18 StrengthCardio: 2/21/18 WOD

2/21/18 Warm Up and Skill

Skill,Warm Up: No Results Tracked
15 Reverse Snow Angels
8 Wall Squat
6 Hollow Arch Swings
4 Air Squat + Broad Jump

BB Warm Up:
3 Snatch Deadlift
3 Snatch High Pull
3 Muscle Snatch-no hip contact
3 Muscle Snatch- hip contact
3 OHS- each w/ 3 sec pause in bottom
3 Sn. Grip Push Press

Snatch Skill: Bar Turnover- applies to Snatch Balance, PS, Snatch
*focus on quick hands, quick feet
**arms should lockout as feet hit the ground

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